Writer, Artist, Rebel, Dreamer. Outspoken. I see crypto as a way to break money, not make money. Devout enemy of corporate banks, finance bros, influencers, shillers, and bloodsuckers. I’ve never had it easy. Logged over 4000 hours immersed, experimenting, and learning the ins and outs of stable diffusion. I can literally make anything that I see in my mind, 

Image, perception, and association. All are extremely important for those who wish to find success as an artist. People are built with a desire to be liked and accepted, because at our core, we are communal. In the brain, feelings of Isolation and exclusion will trigger an almost identical response as physical pain does.   

Popularity has a direct correlation with perception and association. Especially for an artist; well known equates to highly collected. 


I wont call it my story, because 

 story on all the things I had no choice over. I have always really enjoyed reading and writing. I have a deep appreciation and love for words. It would be fair to say that words are, to me, how I imagine a best friend would be. Words are always there for you. They don’t judge or discriminate. They are always free, and always accessible. You don’t need money or credentials to access them or use them. They are consistent and dependable. If you take the time to learn them, the benefit and utility won’t fade or lessen. They wont change faces on you, or get replaced by something more convenient or cost effective. , or become no longer useful.  They will rescue you when you are in trouble. When you are not in a good place physically, they can take your mind some place better. They will never do you wrong if you respect them.   They will never leave you. They can create opportunities. They foster understanding. They don’t discriminate. They won’t ever do you wrong if you respect them and don’t use them  They were free. I could access them, learn them, benefit from them, and use them as I wished. I didn’t need credentials or money to access them. I didn’t need permission to use them, or enrollment to learn them. 

We all have one. , but is it really our story?   It’s not our’s though. We don’t write it alone. We can’t choose how it begins. We don’t choose the setting, the characters, or the plot.   The main story doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It runs concurrent with billions of other stories. Oftentimes, those stories will merge. Sometimes, significantly. Some stories are more formulaic and predictable. Some seem to constantly diverge into brand new plotlines. , or just abruptly ending. 

Real Crypto Art Is CypherPunk

Brandon Walsh


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